3 Ways I Will Keep My Worries in Check While My Daughter’s Away

This evening, my daughter heads to Mexico on a mission trip.  I have mixed emotions about her adventure–I am proud of her decision to go, I am happy she gets this opportunity, but I am also worried. I am worried about all sorts of things, but primarily, I am worried that she will be scared and I, as the Chief Bravery Officer, won’t be there to calm her anxieties. Truth be told, my daughter rarely needs my help in the “calming of anxieties” area–she was born with a very confident sense of self and doesn’t fall apart easily.  It is a trait I admire, and one that she gets completely from her father.  Let’s face it, the real anxieties that need to be calmed are my own.  So, today’s ‘Friday Finds’ are three things I plan to do to keep my worries in check while my daughter is off on this amazing adventure:

Keep a Journal:  This may sound crazy considering I’m not the one going on the trip, but writing has always been the one thing I can do to make me feel more control of any situation.  For this journal, I am going to write daily letters to my daughter–just detailing the things that are happening in our regular little suburban lives and how much we miss her being around for the usual bouts of family chaos.

Clean Her Room:  Wow, I hope she doesn’t read this post before she gets on the plane–the thought of me spending time in her room is certain to raise her anxiety level!  I’m not stepping into her room to snoop, but I want her to feel comfortable when she comes home.  I want her to experience the pure joy of just-cleaned sheets, clothes that are folded and hung and the calmness that comes from just being in a room that is completely organized.

Pray:  Regardless of your religious beliefs, daily prayer or meditation not only helps you sort out the day’s events and challenges, but it gives you the opportunity to focus on gratitude instead of worry.  I  have always struggled with daily prayer rituals–my mind constantly floats to some less deep thought such as ‘what kind of invitations should I buy for Jack’s birthday party”.  I have been told that by focusing on the reason for my time of meditation and prayer as well as my breathing, I will be able to avoid such ‘task-oriented’ thoughts.  So, this week, I plan to be more intentional with my prayer time–clearing out small interrupted chunks of my day when I can just focus on the true task at hand:  Making sure my daughter is healthy and happy on her journey and that this journey, brings her safely back home to us!








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