About Me

Several years ago when the Internet was still new and computers were not always found on every office desk, spell check only contained the basic words found in the most mainstream of dictionaries.  Therefore, when you typed in a proper name it often came up with numerous “real word” spell check options–making it possible for each of us to have spell check names. While most names appeared as something obscure and ridiculous, I was told by a colleague that my spell check name perfectly suited my personality.  My name?  Patio Mingling.

It is somewhat an ideal moniker–after all, I like nothing more than to spend wonderful evenings on the patio mingling with my family and friends.  But, what I really like most about the words is what they represent about storytelling and conversations.  I believe the very best stories are those told through dialogue–not monologue–and what I love most about participating in “patio mingling” is the sharing of various insights and perspectives.

I thought the spell check name of the past just might be the perfect way to describe what I hope to be a place where my stories of life as a mom, wife, entrepreneur, friend, daughter and sister spark  insightful conversations.  In short, I’m hoping to build my own online patio–just fit for mingling.


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